Sunday, May 16, 2010

To Rant or Not to Rant

I started this blog because....?

When I started this blog I needed an outlet to gripe about the crappy goings on in my favorite sport, NASCAR. In their infinite wisdom, the powers that be, actually made some rule changes that I actually understand AND agree with.

The "Have At It" rule. This controversial, not really a change but more of a modification to the existing rules, I LOVE! I think this modification allowed the sport to regain some of what it has lost, the emotional element, for lack of a better term. Let the drivers settle it amongst themselves while the officials wander off into the sunset whistling a happy tune. This works for me. 

The 3rd Times a Charm rule. The addition of Green-White-Checkered attempts at finishing the race under green has added an element of "What will happen next?" The sport was starting to loose that "Fight to the Finish" spirit that is one of the fans favorite parts. 

The Wave Around rule. No more did we get lapped in the pits based on misfortunate pit selection controversy. I found this to be a rather pleasing solution to the problem. 

I don't always agree with the Powers That Be in NASCAR, but I do enjoy being able to share things that I do agree with for a change. 

I started this blog because....?

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