Sunday, April 18, 2010

What would we do without Twitter?

That which shall be called a Rain Delay.

What is happening at Texas Motor Speedway? Shall I "Google" it? No, I have a better idea, who amongst the fabulous followers of 99FanGirl is at TMS this weekend? 

Twitter has saved the day and provided a vast array of first hand information. Instead of waiting for the talking heads on the pre-race show to take a breath from their blathering to let fans know that the race is delayed we now have access to on the scene reporting. 

As the fans lament another delay there are a vast array of people willing to share their thoughts and opinions about what they are doing while they wait for Mother Nature to finish her business and move on. One of my favorites is @NASCAR_WXMAN with a forecast accuracy of 99.9%. He gives fans up to the minute weather information to help pass the time. Other favorites include all of my fellow Carl Edwards fans. I love to read what they think is going to happen this week and why they think Carl is definitely going to win this time.

Has the season had too many rain delays? It's hard to say. It is spring and April showers bring May flowers. It may just be a case of we block out the many rain delays from the previous season and focus on our dismay at them this season. Cheer-up @SummerDreyer the sun has too shine eventually. We have the advantage now of Twitter to keep us entertained and informed during these interminable bouts of bad weather.

That which shall be called a Rain Delay.