Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Sportsmanship

Jimmie Johnson wins again?

I want to be happy for any driver who wins because it is quite an accomplishment and so many things need to go your way in order for that to happen. However, I find myself wondering if Jimmie Johnson or Chad Knaus has made a deal with the devil.

I am a Carl Edwards fan, but Jamie McMurray winning the Daytona 500 was wonderful. Would I have enjoyed a backflip at Daytona? Definitely. Jimmie Johnson winning two races in a row? This is starting to be reminiscent of the last 4 years of his domination in the sport. 

Jimmie Johnson obviously has the talent to win in this sport. He has proven his ability to be consistent. More than once events have occurred that have resulted in being beneficial to the 48 team and they have capitalized on them. I can not justify any feelings of animosity towards Jimmie Johnson and his team. They come prepared to win every week and that is exactly what they do.

I am a fan who enjoys seeing a different winner every week, with the exception of one driver who shall not be named and I hope never enters Victory Lane again. Let everyone have a shot at the spotlight. 

Is this a realistic view of the sport? No. I just like the "sunshine and lollipops" view that everyone's hard work has the opportunity to be rewarded with a trip to Victory Lane. Dominance by one team is what is occurring in the sport and I figure Jimmie Johnson has to retire eventually. 

Jimmie Johnson wins again?

Monday, February 15, 2010

There's a pothole in the track?

The seven hours of The Pothole 500

Growing up in Michigan, potholes were just part of winter. You saw them, you drove around them, and eventually they might get fixed. If and when a pothole was fixed it usually held together for more than 20 minutes. My suggestion to NASCAR is contact the Michigan Department of Transportation and ask them how to fix potholes. They have had plenty of practice. 

The fans on Twitter were somewhat tolerant of the red flags, well at least the first one. Tweeting away about their favorite driver, how happy they were to be watching racing again, and making jokes about how to fix a pothole. Finally after about and hour and a half the drivers returned to their cars, fired their engines, and resumed racing. 

Hopes were high that the race would only be stopped next time by "The Big One" and speculation as to when that might occur was rampant. However, 20 some odd laps later, the hole had returned. Fans were not so forgiving this time. Here is where my quandary lies.

The track at DIS is used by other forms of racing, not just NASACR. There is bound to be wear and tear on the track. When Lowes Motor Speedway "levigated" their track the drivers complained about how the track was impossible to drive on. Lowes then resurfaced the track, still did not fix the driving surface. The third time was a charm with their third attempt at fixing the driving surface. 

So I ask, is Daytona trying to avoid the mistakes of other tracks? Carl Edwards on his scanner in response to the pothole was, "Great, now they are going to have to resurface and screw up the track." We will have to wait and see. They have until July 3rd to fix the problem.

The seven hours of the Pothole 500. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Twas the night before Daytona

An Ode to some followers:

Twas the night before Daytona and all through the chat rooms;
Not a race fan was stirring not even @zwriter.
All the race fans were washing their favorite gear;
In hopes that @Kenny_Wallace soon would be here.

The pit crews were nestled all snug in their pit boxes;
While visions of back flips danced in their heads.
Jack Rosuch in his stable with 6, 16, 17, and 99;
All dreaming of crossing that finish line.

When out in the infield there arose such a clatter;
@DustinLong Tweeted What is the matter?
Away to the Race Day set @KylePetty he flew;
To find @Rutledge asleep in the dew.

The moon on the rubber on that very long track;
Signaled that the Daytona 500 indeed had come back.
When what to @cadadj should appear;
But, 43 drivers, their crews, and their cars.

The racers they line up as fast as they can;
@roses050481 was shouting there's Carl, my man!
They started their engines with a mighty roar;
@nikkiisheree watched and adored.

The lights on the pace car shone into the night;
As @SummerDreyer was amazed at the sight.
@missirish9 gave a lingering sigh;
Watching the powerful engines glide by.

Suddenly the whoosh of the waving green flag;
Causes spotters to yell, "Don't loose the draft!"
Then off in the distance there was a faint sound;
As @Jen_Niffle slowly turns 'round.

@theNASCARdad stands with a grin;
Wanting to share secrets held within.
Its not yet Sunday he quietly shares;
@mveilenstein looks and says, "Not fair."

Twas the night before the Daytona 500; an ode I have wrote.
A thank you to followers and @ParkerTechGuy.
Green, white, checkers, and lots of wreckers;
Means a championship for Carl Edwards!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Green Flag Waves on 2010

Whoo hoo NASCAR is back!

The Budweiser Shoot Out isn't a points race, but after 2 months of nothing, I'll take it! The best part being that Carl Edwards started on the pole and lead almost half of the 75 laps! 

Of course some fans took issue with Carl's triumphant return to the track like @ParkerTechGuy when he Tweeted @99FanGirl Thats where you get to be when you get the Pole handed to you...when you have to actualy qualify though...different story #Nascar Oh, @ParkerTechGuy, and where did Ryan Newman finish? Oh yeah, 19th. 

There was an obvious improvement from last year in the Pit Crew's performance. Radio communication was extremely positive even after the "Lap 73 Wreckfest" which resulted in Carl's 17th place finish. I am hoping that this year will not only result in qualifying for the Chase but also a Championship!

The season's first points race begins with the Daytona 500! The changes in the rules and the restrictor plate looks to make for some exciting racing. Hopefully we will not have to bear witness to the same 450 miles of "freight train" racing of the 2009 season. I remain optimistic. 

Whoo hoo NASCAR is back! 

Monday, February 1, 2010

Isn't it funny when girls try to do stuff?

Thank you Mystery Science Theater 3000. 

Danica Patrick will be driving a limited season in the Nationwide Series for Jr. Motorsports.  So? I'm am not excited, but rather miffed. 

There is so much talent out there why bother with Danica Patrick? Please remember that this blog is my personal, unsolicited, musings about NASCAR. NASCAR is a family sport. Have you seen her Go Daddy commercials? I'm not sure I would want my children rooting for someone who is willing to shake her "money makers" in the face of a fellow anatomically blessed female. 

I, and several fellow Twitter Fans, enjoyed watching a young female racer by the name of Chrissy Wallace. She raced cleanly, and finished on the lead lap, if memory serves. She comes from a well known racing family so it is safe to assume she has had the proper training and mentoring. 

I'm not saying that women should not be allowed to drive in NASCAR. I'm saying that this is not the talent portion of the Miss _______________________ Pageant. (You fill in the blank) Use the talent that is already putting the time and effort in to learning how to participate in this sport safely and successfully. Thank goodness no one reads this.

Isn't it funny when girls try to do stuff?